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Introduction: 24K Custom Homes, Construction, and Landscaping is the premier home maintenance and home improvement corporation on the planet. Landscaping allows us to enhance both the beauty and usefulness of the earth. Installing solar energy systems will enable us to reduce civilization’s carbon footprint, thereby improving the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Credit Repair: Through our partnership with United Credit Education Services, we can provide you many credit enhancement services. We can repair damaged or slow credit. We can turn good credit into great credit, and we can turn no credit into great credit. The program is straight forward. You write us a small check and we will help you take the steps to own your own home, refinance an existing mortgage or lower interest you are paying on existing loans. We will give you the key to the bank vault and the foundation for building wealth.

Home Improvement Financing: Through our partnership with Enhancify credit services, we can finance home improvement projects up to one hundred thousand dollars. Simply hover over the finance info tab. When the drop-down menu appears, click on home improvement financing. Follow the instructions and receive your construction loan.

Real Estate: We have partnered with A Real Estate brokerage to fulfill all of your commercial and residential Real Estate needs. Renting, buying, and selling are all covered under our umbrella. We also have the personnel to manage your rental properties for you. We can also help you buy and flip investment properties.

Race to the bottom: We will not compete for business with substandard firms who do substandard work at a discount price. We charge a fair price for custom and designer work. We are professionals.

24K Custom Homes, Construction, and Landscaping is a DBA for F.L.A.M.E. Kingdom Ministry: All Monies received are donations. We do not charge tax. All guarantees and warranties are provided by the entities we partner with to extend excellent services.


All Gardening is Landscape Painting.

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