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“Tree Removal & Maintenance  Service”

Tree Surgery

Damaged trees are more of a hazard and liability than an eye sore. Dead and dying trees are an open invite to insects and diseases, this may cause issues for other trees and even your home. Trees that have heavy limbs from over-weighted canopies will cause limbs to split and can be hazardous to your property or worse your neighbors or customers. We offer precision cuts and large tree removals along and clean up any debris. If your tree is a danger, one of our certified personnel can evaluate your tree to identify the most beneficial solution to the problem. Our staff are experts when it comes to tree service, and they’ll use their knowledge and experience to remedy your situation.

Plant/Tree Placement and Selections

Landscape planning with plants is a very involved project taking into consideration the urban surroundings and design preferences. El Paso is known for desert landscaping but many other types of plants will flourish with the proper watering and shade. Our estimators are knowledgeable when it comes to plant selection and location. We consider the maturity, fullness, and the litter content of plants, and we are able to advise what works and what will not. Be sure to contact our office and set up a meeting to begin your landscape plan today.


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