“Xeriscape & Maintenance  Service”

Xeriscape Design Ideas

Planning is an important step to a successful Xeriscape because it allows you to install your landscape in phases, which can reduce initial expenses. Whether you create your own Xeriscape design, or seek the help of a Xeriscape Landscaper, a properly designed landscape can help meet your lifestyle needs.



Xeriscape Soil Improvements

Soil improvements allow for better absorption of water and improve the soil moisture retaining capacity. Soils that contain organic matter also provide beneficial nutri

Xeriscape Landscape Design & Maintenance

Regular xeriscape maintenance preserves the intended beauty and functionality of your landscape and saves water. Because of their design, Xeriscape can help reduce maintenance costs. Proper pruning, weeding, fertilizing, pest control and irrigation system adjustments can contribute to water savings. Always water according to plants needs.

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